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940 Stewart Dr, Suite 209,
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Tel. 650 608 0559

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We are innovative Software StartUp established in the Silicon Valley, California. Operating with customers in the USA and world-wide.


Company was launched in the summer of 2016 by senior technicians and specialists.


Till date more than 100 application and Enterprise solutions are created and managed successfully by SoftMindUp.

Anar Mammadov
CEO, Senior Adviser
I am more than 12 years of experience in a software development. I am working as a tech product manager and Co-Founder of the "SoftMindUp", "Senpex" in Silicon Valley. Before I worked in outstanding global software firms. I am OMG-Certified UML® Professional™ (OCUP™).
Bobby Merriweather
Account Manager and Business Consultant
He worked as Account Manager and Business Consultant in many different companies. Has big experience in growing software companies.
Sabina Babayeva
PR Manager
Sabina graduated bachelor and master degree in Journalism. We worked as the Journalist in Information Technology and PR manager in many different companies.

Our Approach

When an idea comes to a mind, common mistakes people make is to get in touch with the software developers right the way! Most of the time you may to lose a minimum of a 100k and also waste at least 6 months of your time. The reason is that between idea and a complete running system! There is an important part!
It is Software concept design, modeling, and prototyping of your idea or software product. Using SoftMindUp Team, you and your idea are fully prepared to come to the developers and getting into the market successfully without any issues!

Our Skills

Software concept design
UML diagrams
Requirements documentation
Prototyping and mockups
Software development
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